Khao Kho – Phetchaboon – 2 Days 2 Night Trip


Because of the trip, We always find something new.

Traveler : sapaipae.i
Trip date : Late December 2016

Hello everyone, Nice to meet you again, Absolutely, In the winter of Thailand (Nov-Feb) Every mountains were crowded. Like us, We have a chic trip, 4 members and 1 car. Driving from BKK in friday night heading to “Khao Kho”-Phetchabun Provice. We called this trip that “Khao Kho, waiting for you to love”

Direction to here : By Car

Tips : Khao Kho (Thai: เขาค้อ), is a 1143 m high mountain in Phetchabun Province, Thailand. It is located in Khao Kho District, giving its name to the district. This mountain is part of the western range of the Phetchabun Mountains.

Now we are ready, and u? Let’s come together and see what we found out.

The trip guideline

  • Paddle a boat at Kang Bangrajan white water
  • Thung Salaeng Luang National Park
  • Wat Pha Son Kaew Temple
  • The Wind turbine field of Khao Kho ( Thai – Toong Kung Hun Lom)
  • Khao Takhian Ngo Mountain, the nice place to absorb sea of mist in the morning
  • Worship “the Kao Kho pagoda of Buddha’s relics “

DAY 1 :
Be the change that you wish to see in the world

We depared Bangkok at just 7 PM and arrived Khao Kho around 3 AM.  The hotel of us tonight is “Tonkafae Khaokho“. It’s a chic resort hotel but It has the coffee shop as main business. So rarely people know that it has a Hotel in this place.

Tips : We do not recommend come in the night like us because it’s too dark and so quiet.

When we got up in the morning, We found out that The wind was blowing hardly. but it made us feel refresh LoL. So we beginning to walk around the resort to absorb the nice atmosphere.

After Breakfast, We go by our plan to heading to “Kang Bangrajan” it’s location is in Tumbon Nong Mae Na, Umper Khao Kor. Distance from Tonkafae Khaokho to here are round 30 Minutes.

Here we were “Kang Bangrajan”. We bought a ticket for 200 baht./person at the front gate .

To travel here, there are many alternative activities, so we decided to paddle a boat in white water , some butterfly were around us when we paddle along the stream.

The atmosphere is vary quiet that make us feel relief which we never have experience like this before.

After we finished the white water paddling, we follow the plan heading to “Thung Salaeng Luang National Park” the distance about 60 Km. from Kang Bangrajan. We drove along the highway no. 2195 and turn left to the highway no.12, about 1 hour.

Direction to “Thung Salaeng Luang National Park

To find more information about Thung Salaeng Luang National Park
Thung Salaeng Luang is a savanna field and forest. It’s cool place to camping like I dream when i was young.

We must buy a ticket for entrance by car for 30 Baht.

But before got in the park, we stopover at bread kiosk. That ‘s a sweet milk bread buffet!.

the view inside “Thung Salaeng Luang”

After viewing around the park we came down from the mountain and heading to the next station “Wat Pha Son Kaew Temple” the distance about 41 Km. from Thung Salaeng Luang. We drove along the highway no. 12 about 30 minuites.


For more information about Wud Pha Son Kaew

This is a no.1 landmark of Buddhism in Phetchabun Province. The temple was construct by Buddhist’s donation.

It’s crowed with people everyday.

 We walked around the temple til evening. the weather was getting colder but our intention didn’t change. We was heading to The Wind turbine field of Khao Kho. It’s a new landmark of Khao Kho mountain in order to see the sun set.


It’s far from the Wat Pha Son Kaew Temple about 24 Km. taking the time about 20 miniutes. Thanks you god to let us came here before the sun set. this is the picture when we walk to the The Wind turbine field.

We feel very very good when seeing the sunshine gradually fade away from the sky as we have thought that we must see it and It was came true !!!

This is the beloved picture of the day. It’s beautiful. It’s cute and romantic.

After sunset, We went out from the field and came to the sixty-five hill – Khao Kho Resort to have a dinner and camping.

It’s small Café but we found out that there are some interesting menu. This is a Forest flower fly (Thai – Dok Mai Pa’ Tod Krob)

and this is Sea food – Rice Fried ( Khao Pud Ta Lay)

Chicken Nugget

Tom Yum Kung – Tasty, Sour, Intensed with Thai ingredients you will feel mellow !

Yum Woon Sen – It’s a thai smallest noodle mixed with fresh food like salad but It’s extremely tasty of thai herb. and cooked with some shrimps.

After having dinner we went to the camping place. We slept in the camping tent.

The temperature at night is about 15 °C. the resort provide a clean toilet and bathroom.

DAY 2 :
Do not wait until it’s too late to do it.

We got up early at 5 am. heading to “Khao Ta Khian Ngo Mountain” (Thai – Khao Ta-Khian Ngo) the nice place to absorb sea of mist in the morning and view the sun rise.


We got there before the sun rose. the atmosphere quite cold and people are getting around the view point together.

After absorb the sun rising view, We had observed something interesting that is a wood car – the native people called “Formula Mong”

Before got out the Khao Ta Khian Ngo Mountain. We just found out that there is a handmade coffee shop.So we had tried it, let’s see how we done.

Fist thing first we roasted some of coffee been. we roasted until it’s color became black

Secondly, We mashed them like a power

Lastly, we boiled it. and finished

After having coffee we went to the last highlight of the trip “The Khao Kho Pagoda of Buddha’s Relics”(Thai : Ja-Dee Pra-Bor-Rom Ma-Sa-Ree-Rick-Ka-Tat Khao Kho)


The trip of Khao Kho is finished as planned. this is the last point of our trip. People came here all day,morning until evening like stream. In this Pagoda of Buddha’s Relics, We a Buddhist believe that It’s a sacred Place. If we beg for something we want, It will come true.

In the pagoda, there are some candle lighting.

We went back to Bangkok, It’s taking time about 7 hours (Traffic jam).

Leave something that make your mind heavy with the mountain and come out, You will feel better

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