Chilling @ Koh Larn Island – 3 Days 2 Night with 4 of us


KoH LaRn Island

안녕하세요? LOL (Thai but want to make a greeting in Korean)

Traveler : Ideersucha
Reviewer : Ideersucha
Trip date :  11-13 Jul 2016
Transportation : By bus (From Bangkok) Cost ฿131 (Price @Jan2017)

Trip Overview
We spent 3 days for this trip, 11-13 Jul 2016. We went to Pattaya by bus, it’s quite comfortable way. When we arrived the puttaya bus station and got out the bus, there are many motercycle taxi-man waiting for you. They asked for charge for service to the Bali Hai Pier about ฿80 per person so we decided not to go with them and walked ourselves to the pier. the time when we reached the bali hai pier was about 5.00 Am. This is our fist picture

Direction to Bali Hai Pier


but we must wait for the fist ferry to depart from the pier @7.00 Am

The time to go on 7.00 Am. We walk along the pier to get in to the ferry.

and we got in it. (The ticket = ฿30/Person)

We could see the nice atmosphere of Bali Hai Port around us on the ferry.

When we arrive The Koh Larn Island – Na Ban Port. We had reservation a lodge call Ban Bird Bird (Thai – บ้าน เบิร์ด เบิร์ด) There was a lodge staff came to pick up us. The lodge allow the traveler to checked in at 1.00 Pm. So we left the luggage at the counter and walked outside.

This is Fullmoon – the dog of lodge

We walked along the steet to find something to eat, until we saw one street restuarant “Krua Cha Li Da”, We got into it immediately because it is the easiest way to eat at that moment.

Krua Cha Li Da – street restuarant
Thai noodle – (Thai – Kuay Tiew – ก๊วยเตี๊ยว) – 60฿/bowl
Thai noodle – (Thai – Kuay Tiew – ก๊วยเตี๊ยว)

After finished eating we rent a motorcycle and drove to Samae Beach. The way to the beach rather slope and have one dangerous curve but we overcame it. Til we reach Samae Beach. There was clear sea, not to many travelers, peaceful. I love it very much.

Samae Beach
Samae Beach
Samae Beach
Samae Beach
Samae Beach

We went out the Samae Beach and headed to next station Tayaiy Beach

Sky View point – Tayaiy Beach (Thai – หาดตายาย)
We arrive Tayaiy Beach before the sun set. It’s a safety beach because it’s private beach but travelers can got in. (If you want to toilet you must pay 20฿)
Tayaiy Beach (Thai – หาดตายาย)
Tayaiy Beach (Thai – หาดตายาย)
Tayaiy Beach (Thai – หาดตายาย)


After breakfast, we went to “MAHARAK” coffee shop before beginning day trip. this is the popular coffee shop of the island. It’s cute shop. Decorated in ordinary island way and the price was reasonable.
Next station –> Tong Lang Beach (Thai – หาดทองหลาง)

The road to Tong Lang Beach are open for vehicle only after 3.00 Pm.

Tong Lang Beach
Tong Lang Beach
For the tong lang beach we did take a little of photo because it’s a small beach. for us it’s not interesting. So we went to the hightligt beach immediately, It’s is “Tien Beach” (Thai – Had Tien – หาดเทียน)
In Tien Beach you can drive into it. but It’s the most slope way of island. We felt fear, the road was not O.K. condition. However, we overcome it again.
We walked along the Tien Beach and found the coast wood bridge. It’s a bridge that connected to another side of tien beach. It’s very beautiful, You would hear a sound of wave crash with rocks, You will touch sea wind hardly, Oh, It’s perfect moment.


The 3rd day trip, We had breakfast at the lodge. Today we must got up early in order to get in ferry round 9.30 Am. We went to Nual Beach (Thai – Had Nual – หาดนวล) since 6.00 Am.

In morning, Nual Beach is quite calm. It’s has a swing seat with a dog LoL.

Nual Beach
Nual Beach
Nual Beach

Finally, before exit the island, We got in a gift shop located in Na Ban Beach near 7-11. There are many charming items. and we got some HAHA. Thank you for reading our story see you next time.

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