One Day Trip @ Koh Samae San Island by BrotherBear



Traveler : BrotherBear
Reviewer : BrotherBear
Trip date :  December 2016
Transportation :
   1st, Taxi Van or what so ever to ——> Tesco Lotus Sattahip
   2nd, From the Tesco Lotus Sattahip, We went by a Small Truck 2-row-seat to —> Kao Mah Jor Port (Thai – ท่าเรือเขาหมาจอ) (Transportation fee ฿20/Person)

   3rd, Buy Ticket @ the Royal Thai Navy Office (Fee ฿300/Person including Ferry-Round trip and entrance fee)

4th, Ferry to the Koh Samae San Island,

Time Table of Ferry to the Koh Samae San Island

(Kao Mah Jor Port) -> Koh Samae San
Koh Samae San -> Kao Mah Jor Port
9.00 Am. 10.15 Am.
10.00 Am. 11.15 Am.
11.00 Am. 12.15 Am.
12.00 Am. 13.15 Am.
13.00 Am. 14.15 Am.
14.00 Am. (Last Day trip) 15.15 Am.
16.15 Am.
17.15 Am. (Last Ferry)


Important Information

  • Koh Samae San Island is in Sattahip district, Chonburi Province.
  • Koh Samae San Island is preserved by the Royal Thai Navy.
  • Traveling in Koh Samae San Island is only one day trip, There is no hotel and accommodation on the Island.
  • Alcohol, Bikini is prohibited on the island.

The Ferry took the time about 15 Minutes to the Island.

After Arrival, every travelers must take a little course about traveling  on the island about 20 min.

and then that was a snapshot time.

Some of bicycles are available for free

We rode bicycles near the training tent to see nature for a while. and this is our scene we met. We guarantee that you will meet the whitest beach as you want sure!

Taking some snapshot on the road

After riding bicycles, We went by a tram to Look Lom Beach

Look Lom Beach is the Highlight of the Samaesarn Island in which you could take 3 Main Activities that provide by the island

  1. Snorkeling for ฿50.-
  2. Sailing on glass boat to see coral ฿20.-
  3. Canoeing along the coast will be charged per hour.


And this is our lunch. Egg-Fry with thai rice (Thai – ข้าวไข่เจียว) – For 35.- ฿

Look Lom Beach
Look Lom Beach

We decided to Snorkeling and Canoeing. the beach staff were hilarious which made us fun all the time.

Look Lom Beach
Look Lom Beach
Look Lom Beach
Look Lom Beach

After finished the activities, we walked around Look Lom beach.

Finally, we return the Tien Beach port wating for the ferry and backed to the hotel.

This is our one day trip at Koh Samae San Island. Hope you enjoy it.


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