Super traditional Thai-Esan Silk and magic cloth @Jim Thomson’s Farm “Kho Yai”



Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce you to The Jim Thomson’s Farm “Kho Yai”.

The location of here is in Amphoe : Pak Thong Chai, Province :  Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand. On over 600 acres of farmland. The type of Traveling may called “Thai Agricultural Crops Traveling”

The Jim Thomson’s Farm is open for the Visitor Just only Between December – Early of Jan each year. You will  have a passion for nature appreciation. The atmosphere and the spectacular Learning experience to watch agricultural crops, flowers, colorful flowers or patio giant pumpkin  and a variety of special activities especially learning the local thai culture east. Ending with a quality shopping for some souvenirs.

Direction to here

It has a spacious parking lot. Parking for over 3,000 cars at the front. Tickets are priced depending on the day,

180 baht on weekdays for Adult
130 baht ticket on weekdays (kids)
220 baht card Saturday – Sunday. (Adult)
160 baht card Saturday – Sunday (kids)
280 baht tickets to the Dec. 31, 59-3, Jan 60 (for adults)
180 baht tickets to the Dec. 31, 59-3, Jan 60 (kids)

And here we go !!

For sightseeing, A tram service runs every 10 minutes, we will take a tram and go to various points of which we do not have to rush anything too much. We can take photograph as much as we can and come to the waiting point of a tram. If you don’t want to go by a tram you can freely walk by yourself.


The native Thai-Esan wood house which famous in Drama Series called “Ban Khum Kaew”

for a while, the E-san native parade will pass along you very close.

And you will meet the giant pumpkin.

The small pumpking was arranged orderly and they are fresh 100%

Thai-Esan Silk was brought to decorate almost area of farm.

At this point, It’s a E-san Village. You will feel like comeback to several hundreds year ago.

Thai Easan Silk, hand mande weaving

Natural scene in the Farm,

Thank for Viewing
Credit : Pachernchohk Vacationtime